“The story and art are both accomplished and work well together.”

“Ian Sharman has created a refreshingly original take on the superhero team book in Alpha Gods. The book bears some similarly with the X-Men titles, but is unbound by years of slavish continuity, and is set in a all-new original world, where anything is possible. Sharman’s plot is fresh and original, and takes the concept of the superhero book and mixes in elements of the supernatural and the extra terrestrial, to create something far more than the sum of its parts.”

“The artwork also keeps up with the pace of the story. There are no filler pages of mindless combat, and each character’s movements and abilities are neatly defined in such a small space.”
Flames Rising.

“The story…has interesting flavours that are reminiscent of the heyday of post-modern comics and graphic novels such as Watchmen.”

“A series well worth picking up.”
Patrick Challis, The Curiosity of a Social Misfit.

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