The Alpha Gods

Agent Alpha

Agent Alpha is the Alpha Gods’ DEHA (Department For Extra Human Affairs) liason officer. Responsible for welfare and training of team.

The DEHA is a government agency which enforces all legislation regarding the country’s non-human population. The general population is not aware of the existence of non-humans and the DEHA. The Agents were the product of a genetic experiment by the DEHA to create an elite cadre of field operatives to counter the activities of rogue non-humans.

Paladin aka Jason McKee

The oldest of the Alpha Gods, Paladin is seventeen. The team’s leader, Paladin seems supremely confident and sure of himself, so much so that he can seem arrogant at times. Rarely seen out of costume, he prefers to be called Paladin, and hates people using his real name. This is all a mask as inside he is very insecure and constantly questions his own judgment. Reruns battles, conversations and every day life through his mind regularly to find where he has “gone wrong.” Paladin is a cyborg whose cybernetic implants give him super human strength and the ability to “download” any fighting style directly into his brain. As such he is a master of all forms of hand to hand combat, both armed and unarmed.

Impact aka Kellie Strong

Impact is a sixteen year old girl with the ability to generate a force field. When contracted tightly around her body, the force field renders her nearly invulnerable, but the wider she casts the field, the weaker it becomes and the more strain it places on her body to maintain it. She carries a pair of guns to make up for her purely defensive power. She is probably the most mature member of the group and she knows it. She doesn’t understand why Paladin is the leader of the group and believes that she is far better qualified. She may be right. Despite this Paladin is her closest friend and the two of them often separate themselves off from the rest.

Revenant aka Daniel Robinson

Revenant is sixteen and can turn himself both invisible and intangible, thus becoming a kind of living ghost. Passing through an electrical field can harm him, and walking through a mains line could easily render him unconscious. Only he knows that he can turn invisible, although he knows that the rest of the team are bound to find out eventually and worries about how they will react. He is an eccentric, a practical joker and an intellectual. He is a very private person and enjoys time alone with his thoughts. He feels very protective towards Eclipse, she has been through so much and he wants to keep her safe from it all.

Juice aka Ayaka Saruwatari

Juice is a fun-loving fourteen year old girl. She can absorb electrical energy directly into her body and then expel it through her fingertips. She is pretty much an open book, what you see is what you get. She is a good friend and can always be relied upon. She loves her power and loves being a hero. She also makes no secret of her feelings for Outrage, which makes him feel a little uncomfortable at times.

Outrage aka Isaias Emmet Rollins

Outrage is a fourteen year old whose body transforms when in a heightened emotional state. His strength and stamina are increased until he calms down. For Outrage, this transformation comes easily as he finds it very hard to control his emotions. He hates authority, and hates Paladin in particular. He is only a member of the team because Agent Alpha rescued him from being killed by an enraged mob, something that only he and Alpha know. Fiercly proud, he gets intensely embarrassed if he makes a fool of himself. Very much a loner, he can often be found brooding in dark places.

Eclipse aka Selena Warren

A thirteen year old girl genetically altered to be used as part of an occult ritual to create a permanent link between our world and the spiritual world. The ritual fails to do this and instead creates a permanent link between Eclipse and an obscure pocket dimension called the Caligan Rift. Eclipse knows nothing of the real world having been raised by a cult and, naturally, her value system is a little messed up. She is freed during the Alpha Gods’ first mission, a raid on the Grigori Corporation Headquarters where she is being held in stasis while tests are performed on her to establish what went wrong with the ritual. She is the newest and youngest member of the Alpha Gods. She is able to create portals to the Caligan Rift. People and objects go in but they don’t come out.

The Enemy


It is doubtful that Malak is the true name of this being. Malak is the Hebrew word for “Messenger” and it appears many times in the Old Testament, it is more commonly translated as “Angel.”
The Nephilim are a powerful race of beings spawned from the union of fallen Angels called Grigori and mortal women. They once ruled over man before they were all but wiped out in the Great Flood.
Many of the Nephilim were banished to another dimension along with their fathers, but Malak was able to return to Earth when Lester Cravely temporarily opened a portal to that dimension. Now, together with Cravely he hopes to open a portal to bring his bretheren and his fathers back to Earth, so that they may once again rule mankind.

Lester Cravely

Born in 1875 Lester Cravely became a Freemason, just like every man in his family for many generations. As a young adult he developed a keen interest in the occult and quickly rose to the thirty third degree of Freemasonry and was invited to join the ranks of the Illuminati. He jumped at the chance to access ancient, esoteric, occult writings which he studied for many years. During World War I he served behind enemy lines as a member of the British Intelligence service. His time in Germany enabled him to forge links with occult groups there and he met many of the men who would mastermind Hitler’s rise to power in the 1930’s. He was obsessed with opening a gate between our world and the spirit world. In 1946, with the aid of a JPL rocket scientist and a science fiction writer, Cravely reopened a portal that he had first opened in 1918 in New York City. Something had entered our world the first time, no-one knows what, the Nephilim had been waiting patiently for a second opening, when it came one of their number, Malak, used the opportunity to enter our world. Cravely was informed that he would now serve him by constructing a permanent portal to the dimension that Malak and his fathers ha been banished to. His reward for this would be eternal life, but he would have to retire from public view and as such he faked his own death the following year. There was a problem, however, in creating the 1946 portal a fire was started in which the ancient text which contained the formula for creating the portal was destroyed and the “magikal” words were such that they were impossible to commit to memory. Cravely would have to find another copy of the text or find another way to open the portal. One hundred and twenty years later he’s still trying


The first of Malak’s two female lieutenants, Nyssa grew up in an orphange. While there she became fast friends with a fellow orphan and they fell in love. When he left the orphanage she felt as though their time together had been a complete waste of time, because all she really wanted was to be with him. Malak found her, lonely and depressed, and gave her a new sense of purpose in her life. Desperate for the feeling of belonging that, thus far, only being with her friend had given her, she latched onto Malak as a father figure. Now she serves him as one of his most trusted agents and an expert assassin.


The second of Malak’s two female lieutenants, Alyssa was raised by occultist parents and has been groomed since birth to serve Malak in any way he desires. Cold and heartless, she has but one motive in life, to serve the will of the Nephilim. Together with Nyssa, she captain’s The Host, Malak’s elite cadre of female assassins. She is fiercely jealous of anyone who captures Malak’s attentions other than herself, particularly Nyssa.

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